Custom Builds

At Pure Shore Homes, we pay special attention to your requirements and get you exactly what you want. We thoroughly love helping clients create the home of their dreams. We believe that it is a detailed and comprehensive process that requires taking several critical decisions for completion. Therefore, we work closely with you at every step of the way to simplify the process and advise clients where needed. Pure Shore Homes custom builds services also include 24-hour service storm damage prevention and waterproofing. We make the complicated process interesting and continuously keep you in the loop to ensure that your tastes are informed in each phase. We also provide a financial estimate and monitor your budgetary goals versus your actual costs.


We will readily give a look as good as new, which you will love! At Pure Shore Homes, our projects include full coastal home renovations or any general renovation tasks you want. We offer unparalleled choices and guarantee a space that will make you feel refreshed while boosting the value of your home. We carry out all types of coastal home remodeling and alteration tasks and take care of your entire project in a professional and skilled manner. With Pure Shore Homes, we enable you to get rid of your old spaces and allow us to do the job for you just how you like it. We cater to your needs and solutions while leaving your place clean and well-organized.

Build Backs

Pure Shore Homes is qualified to provide you with the ultimate build back services. We understand how frustrating it is to have your home or building damaged, and we aim to return the area to its planned use. After your water or fire damage is alleviated, Pure Shore Homes has a skilled team to offer home waterproofing services to the damaged areas and reestablish your building to its original condition. Our team seamlessly carries out the build-back services, basement waterproofing services including drywall, framing flooring, general carpentry and painting.

Service Department

Our Service Department comprises of an unrivalled team who can address any building need. From exterior enhancements to enhancing an existing space for a new use, Pure Shore Homes is here. Our Service Department ensures the on-going upkeep is seamless and non-invasive. Our extensive experience helps us to plan our service work so that facilities can remain operational throughout.

To know more about the services we offer, contact us today to learn how readily we can address your construction needs.

Storm Damage Prevention

Coastal construction and buildings often incur the most extensive damage during hurricanes and significant storm events. Therefore, by hiring us, you will employ the expertise of a professional to do the job right. Our stormproof roofing services cause protection from severe storms or adverse weather conditions to keep your property safe and sound. Pure Shore Homes helps strengthen your space against damages incurred due to hurricanes or storms. No matter how large or small your property is, our experts help you be prepared for intense weather and storms.

Seasonal Clean-Up Services

Seasonal cleanup services are considered as the final phase of construction and are required generally after a major construction or renovation of a building. Our team utilizes cutting-edge equipment that ensures that your properties shine from the floor to the ceiling. To minimize construction and drywall dust and maximize cleanliness, we meticulously pay attention to all the details and are never fully satisfied unless we’ve cleaned every nook and cranny.