Pure Shore Homes is a team of professionals who are passionate about home construction, renovation, and customization. Our executions are based on extraordinary vision and planning that make our projects distinctive.

Our 30+ years of excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail have made Pure Shore Homes a recognized coastal quality construction company and builder across New Jersey.

Our mission of making every project unique by offering premium services continues to help homeowners get the right builder for their tasks. In addition to beneficial suggestions and recommendations, Pure Shore Homes does mitigation and consulting work for all types of clients, including high-end coastal homeowners, government work, and tri-state homeowners.

When you hire us, we take the responsibility to convert your space into something you will deeply admire and carry it out smoothly and effortlessly. We stand ourselves apart by offering custom 24-hour coastal construction in NJ, leak repair services, leak plumbing services, basement leak repair service and stormproof roofing services for storm damage and water leakage prevention.